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Trying Out a New Keyboard With No Labels on the Keys

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My new keyboarf keyboard has no labels on the keys!

On a normal keyboard, I can type at about 60 wpm, but I only use three or four fingers and I have to periodically glance down at the keyboard. I hope my new keyboard forces me to learn to touch type properly. Various coders have written on the subject - Jeff Atwood says we are typists first; Phil Haack opts for Dvorak.

The Das Keyboard is beautiful. It’s certainly heavier and noisier than other computer keyboards but with such nicely-weighted quality keys that it is a pleasure to type on. At the moment I am struggling, especially when it comes to brackets () [] {} and punctuation symbols. Looking down is of no use whatsoever. Having your hands positioned correctly (with forefingers on the tiny bumps on the f and j keys) helps a lot, although my ring finger and pinkie are not used to any action whatsoever.

I’ve been trying some typing games too. Suggestions welcome. My typing speed is currently about 20 wpm with the new keyboard, so I have some catching up to do…