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CruiseControl Notifications on Your iPhone

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CCWatcher is a great iPhone app for any developer who is using CruiseControl.NET, Jenkins or Hudson for their continuous integration.

We have used CruiseControl.NET for several years to automate all builds. The build kicks off automatically whenever we push changes and this frequently happens a few times a day. We aim to have everything green at the end of every day.

A full build with unit tests and functional tests takes about an hour, so often, I will leave the office while the build is still running. But then I wouldn’t know if I’d broken the build.

For a long while I was looking for a better way of being informed of build failures on my phone.

Enter CCWatcher. It’s a simple application which allows you to enter the address of your build server and it will tell you the status of the projects you’ve configured.

Whenever I need to check whether I’ve broken the build, I can just pull to refresh.

When I first discovered the application it had a problem with CruiseControl.NET’s remote services (which we needed because the actual build server is on a network machine not visible from the internet). I contacted SixAfter and was very impressed with the helpful response from Michael Primeaux. Within a couple of weeks there was a new version of the app with support for the remote services configuration. Hats off.